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Cleaning made easy with premium microfiber products, cloths & flat mops.

Having specialized in cleaning products for over 30 years, European manufacturers are the leaders in microfiber design and develpment. Microfiber products used for effective cleaning are composed of very fine split fibers of polyester and polyamide (nylon blend). Most microfiber products are made of 80% Polyester/ 20% Polyamide or 70% Polyester/ 30% Polyamide. The higher quality cloths of 50%/50%, are harder to find. We are proud to have found them and offer them to you!

These unique ultra microfiber cleaning cloths are a safe alternative to chemical cleaning. These truly remarkable products have caused a major revolution in how people approach household and general cleaning. In the last decade consumer’s interest in using microfiber cleaning products has increased substantially. They are extremely effective and cleaning involves less physical effort than traditional methods as well as replacing the need of cleaning solutions. Use on just about any surface, with ONLY WATER. The secret is the split ultra microfibers of the cloths. This enables the fabric to clean, without chemicals. Microfiber cloths work effectively to absorb more dirt, dust particles, bacteria and grease without the use of cleaning solutions. The cloths clean and polish most surfaces and especially glass to a streak-free, lint-free shine. Use wet for tough cleaning or dry for dusting. Not only are they environmentally safe and easy to use, they also clean better and faster than traditional cleaning cloths or any other fabric.

Although microfiber cloths and mops cost more initially than non-microfiber products, they are more economical. Thanks to the products long durability microfiber products are very cost efficient, saving you time and money. Because microfiber cleans with just water you don’t need to continuously spend money on costly cleaning solutions and paper towels. The highest cleaning performances are guaranteed. No wonder their popularity has grown in the last decade.

These products are of the finest quality, supplied by European companies. Microfiber cloths are currently used on a large scale worldwide and in many diverse industries including hospitals and professional cleaning applications.

For more information visit:  http://www.ultramicrofibers.com

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I will be Grateful – for this day



I will be Grateful for this day

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How to Maximize use of Your Microfiber Cloths



Applications For Microfiber Products
Dry Surface Cleaning

Use the cloth dry for dusting. The split microfibers in the cloth work like a magnet and by static electricity will attract and hold the dirt particles. Once finished dry dusting, rinse well and use the same cloth wet for heavily soiled areas.

Damp or Wet Surface Cleaning

The Glass cloth works best slightly dampened with water. Either sprinkle water on the entire cloth or wet half the cloth. In most cases there is no need to wipe the surface dry after the cloth has been used, as evaporation enables surfaces to air-dry to a lint and streak-free shine. You can also spray water directly on the surface to be cleaned and wipe with a dry cloth. (Note: if water marks appear, the cloth may have been too soiled or wet. Or the surface has a previous cleaning solution that needs to be removed.)

For heavier soiled areas, use the multi-purpose and waffle cloths wet, wring out well so there is room for dirt absorption. You don’t want it to be dripping as the cloth needs to have the capacity to absorb dirt and liquid from surfaces. (Remember, no cleaning solutions are required).

For car or outdoor windows, it is recommended to use the softer or waffle cloths first, then wipe to a shine with the glass cloth. To use the cloth effectively, fold the cloth twice so it has the shape of a square. You will then have several areas to use on each side of the cloth. Rinse the cloth in hot water when required.

Note: Since microfiber works so well to pick up dirt, if particles get trapped in fibers, they might cause scratches. Make sure your cloth is free of any debris before using on materials such as plastics, glass and other delicate surfaces. We recommend only using the flat glass cloth for sensitive surfaces.


To improve the lifespan of the microfiber cloths it is necessary to care for them properly. Microfiber cleaning cloths are machine washable. Machine washes the cloths with hot water. Be sure to rinse well to remove the soap. Either air or tumble-dry. Do this when required or whenever the cloth looks soiled. Microfiber cloths can be machine washed hundreds of times and will last for several years when cared for properly. (Refer to the specs of each cloth for further details and the guarantee).


Be careful of what you wash microfiber with. Use regular washing detergent or enviro-safe detergent if possible. The microfiber cloths should not be washed with oily, self-softening soap-based detergents, conditioners, fabric softener or dryer softener sheets, as it would clog the fibers and reduce the cloth’s static electricity and make them less effective until the oils are washed out.

Avoid washing with cotton or terry cloth towels to prevent lint build up. Microfiber tends to grab and hold lint in the washer and dryer, (just like it grabs dirt and dust when you’re using it to clean). Ideally you should wash microfiber only with other polyester or nylon materials. We recommend that you wash all of our microfiber products in a washing net or bag for delicates to ensure continued cleaning performance and durability. Air drying microfiber will make it last the longest. Microfiber dries relatively quickly. The microfiber cloths should not be ironed.

The cloth should not be used with stainable materials such as paints and inks. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH or abrasive solutions for cleaning or washing. This will shorten the life of the cloth.

For more information visit:  http://www.ultramicrofibers.com/How-To-Use-Microfiber


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Spring Cleaning tips for floor care


Best way to clean floors use microfiber flat floor mops.
Cleaning made easy for hardwood, tile cleaning, laminate, wood floors, ceramics, and hallways.

For your spring cleaning needs and all year around. You will love these flat microfiber mops

The superior Nordic Microfiber (NMF) Mopping System was designed as a fast and easy way to efficiently clean all types of floors. The high quality mop handles and base are constructed of sturdy light-weight aluminum. The mop base swivels. The handle is extendable, enabling the user to reach high places such as outside windows.The two special cloths attach by Velcro. This set is ideal for everyday cleaning to keep floors looking great.

The superior Nordic Microfiber Mopping System uses lint free mop pads constructed of a polyester / polyamide blend ofultra microfiber, which allows the mop to glide across floors easily.The edges of the cloth pads are sewn with over lock stitching which greatly increases durability. This mop has been tested and the mop pads withstand more than 500 machine washes when cared for properly and guaranteed for 3 years. Nordisk Microfiber of Denmark, have put 6 years into development of this product to ensure durability for the cleaning industry.

Application areas:

The superior Nordic Microfiber mopping system is designed to be easy to use and able to clean better than traditional methods.

Start off with the blue mop pad dry to pick up dirt and debris. Then switch to the white wet mop pad to get a deeper clean. The fibers work effectively to attract the dirt allowing the mop to be used with cold water. It is designed for use with no chemicals, but enviro-safe solutions can be used if desired. These mops work well on many surfaces, hardwood, ceramic tile, marble, laminate and linoleum. Because of telescopic handle these mops extend tohigh places like walls, ceilings, blinds, outside windows, siding on exterior of the home, recreational vehicles, campers and boats.

These mops are developed to not only be used in homes but also in industrial areas such as hospitals, offices, commercial cleaning,kitchens, hallways and areas with very high dirt load.

Use in show rooms, cafeterias, day care centers, school, cottage, restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, marinas, airlines and hair salons,the possibilities are endless. This cloth is perfect for housekeepers, auto detailers and cleaning contractors.

Nordic Microfiber – Canada & USA

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Be strong – you never know who you are inspiring



Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring

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Life’s a journey – NOT a race

Lifes_a _journey


Life’s  a journey NOT a race

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Eco Safe Cleaning in your home

How to achieve enviro safe cleaning in your home.  Reduce cleaning solutions and chemicals used.

Health benefits:

  • Reduces the incidence of environmental allergies
  • Hypoallergenic, no chemicals are used
  • Helps those with sensitivities or allergies
  • Thoroughly removes dust, allergen and bacteria
  • More ergonomic than traditional cleaning supplies

Keeps skin healthy by removing dirt, oils and bacteria from skin

Protect our Health and the Environment:

Microfiber products help people to protect their own health. They dramatically reduce the amount of cleaning solutions or chemicals normally used, which may be harmful to skin, eyes, nasal passages, and lungs. Health risks such as allergies and other sensitivities associated with using chemicals are reduced. Microfiber products are wonderful for pregnant women and families and help to protect children from accidental poisoning. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part to preserve the environment for your family’s future.

Nordic Microfiber ensures that their products are made in an environmentally friendly manner. The factories comply with strict safety regulations set by the local authorities.

For more information visit:  http://www.ultramicrofibers.com


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ONE KIND WORD  can change  someone’s  entire day

Jessica Copeland Photography

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Microfiber – A Girl’s Best Friend


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but now it’s Microfiber Cloths


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With so many microfiber cloths on the market these days, it is important to be able to determine the quality of a microfiber cloth.

Not all microfiber products are made alike.

There are many microfiber products currently on the market, making it complicated for the consumer to determine what the difference is between one product from the next. In order to get effective cleaning results from your microfiber cloths, it is important to make sure you are purchasing high quality ones.

While they may appear similar at first, compare the quality yourself.  When conducting research for yourself, consider these tests and guidelines.

As outlined by    ULTRA MICROFIBERS

Learn to Compare different Microfiber cloths

Learn to Compare different Microfiber cloths

What type of microfiber is the cloth made of?

Many manufactures have tried to imitate the microfiber technology, looking for ways to reduce costs. As a result, the quality has been compromised. Beware of the cheaper cloths out there. While other products may initially seem similar, they will not last as long, resulting in customers that are not as satisfied. Prices for microfiber cloths are directly related to the quality of the product and the polyester/polyamide blend. If the price is lower, it is a good indication of lesser quality manufacturing. Inexpensive microfiber products have very poor absorption and scrubbing qualities. In order to obtain a better cleaning performance look for the higher percentage of polyamide which indicates higher quality. The difference between microfiber made in other countries is the quality. The machinery necessary to produce split ultra microfiber is very expensive. Some countries cannot afford the machinery to manufacture split fibers, thus the quality is less and cloths are cheaper. The difference is in the processing and finished work of the cloth. Good quality ultra microfiber simply costs more.

Microfiber for cleaning is less than 1 denier or decitex per thread. The type of denier for ultra microfiber cloths is an important feature to understand the quality thickness and best cleaning performance for the products durability. High quality ultra microfiber used for cleaning should be smaller than 0.5 denier.

Test the cloth by holding it up to the sunlight, stretch the cloth and if it is a tight weave and you don’t see a lot of sunlight, it’s a high quality cloth. If it stretches easy and you see a lot of light, it is not a high quality cloth. We provide the best ultra microfiber on the market. The weave is strong and tight. You will be able to see and feel the difference.

How long will the cloths last?

Find out if it is machine washable and how long it is guaranteed to last for. Be cautious of products that only recommend hand washing. This indicates they may not last long. As well, are the edges finished well for durability so it doesn’t fray when washed? Is there a label on the cloth with specs? Good ultra microfiber cloths should be machine washable hundreds of times and last for several years when cared for properly. (refer to the specs of each cloth for details and the guarantee).

Are the cloths absorbent?

Does the cloth push water around on a surface? If so the cloth likely is 100% polyester which is not very absorbent. If the cloth absorbs the water quickly or absorbs like a vacuum it is of the higher quality microfiber. Good quality ultra microfiber cloths can absorb 4 – 7 times its weight in water, more than twice as much as ordinary cotton. This high absorbency rate is most effective in removing grease and water from surfaces.


Premium Quality Nordic Microfiber


Does the cloth pick up bacteria?

It’s important when buying microfiber products to make sure that they are split microfiber. This ensures the products to be of the highest-quality fabric effective for many cleaning applications. Independent tests and studies prove that the split fibers in ultra microfiber products pick up bacteria as the individual filaments do the work in cleaning. The open spaces in the microfiber created by the splitting process allow it to pick up and hold dust, dirt, grease, oil as well as absorb liquid. The fibers in ultra microfiber products are so small that they can collect almost invisible particles that would be impossible for any other cloth to detect. You will feel the cloth grabbing your skin which means it is made from split microfiber.

Microfiber that is used in clothing, furniture and other applications is not split because it is not designed to be absorbent, just soft. When buying from a retail store, if the packaging doesn’t say its split, don’t assume it is. If microfiber isn’t split during manufacturing it is not much more than a very soft cloth.

Be assured that all Nordic premium ultra microfiber cloths are superior to other microfiber products on the market.

If you have any question, please contact us via our website at

http://www.ultramicrofibers.com   ULTRA MICROFIBERS


We bring you the Best In Microfiber Technology.

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